Policy measure analysis

Extrapolate - this will show the short-term market potential of plugin electric vehicles in the given country for all fleet types, annual mileages and vehicle sizes until 2020. The shown analysis is based on the utility calculated from the monetary and non-monetary aspects specified. An additional factor was incorporated representing the customers' reluctance to purchase EVs, e.g. due to missing charging infrastructure or debatable image of these vehicles. This "image-factor" was validated on the real-world PEV market share in the respective country in 2015.

Assuming the the changes in legislation specified above will come into force at the beginning of 2017, the measures will lead to additional PEV registrations in the order of about 0 until 2020, compared to the registrations to be expected under the current legislative situation in the given country.

This will save approximately 0 tons of Well-to-Wheel vehicle CO2 emissions until 2020 in addition to estimated CO2 emission reductions without implementing further measures.